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1984  Roland Veil founded his first printing plant in Ludwigshafen, he specialized on reel-fed printing on light weight paper.
1997Relocation to Bad Dürkheim, company‘s main focus is on the pharmaceutical industry.
2002Further relocation to new buildings within Bad Dürkheim.
2004Investment in an integrated packaging line with folding, cutting and pressing unit.
2008Investment in 6-colour reel/reel printing press, packaging line, CTP-unit.
2009Installation of a waste disposal system.
2010Investment in 2 folding units for printed reels.
2012Investment in a labelling unit for Outserts / Booklets.
2013Investment in a 3rd folding unit for printed reels.
2014Investment in a 4th folding unit for printed reels and
a 5-colour reel/reel printing press.
Cooperation with rlc packaging group.
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